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With over 18 years of digital marketing expertise, he’s helped build and grow the identity & online presence of leading global e-commerce brands. His journey began at the age of 20, following his service in the military, when he ventured into the world of online selling. His approach to life is all about working hard and playing hard, drawing inspiration from thrilling activities like paragliding, the serenity of surfing, and various recreational sports. These adventures often fuel his most innovative ideas. He has mastered technologies like GA4 and JavaScript and possess a sharp analytical mind. Crafting multi-platform PPC campaigns is second nature to me, and he has had the pleasure of assisting numerous e-commerce brands in reaching new heights. He’s not content with the status quo. He’s also well-versed in the world of machine learning, using its power to shape the future of digital marketing. With his unique blend of experience, creativity, and technical expertise, he’s here to lead the charge in the industry.



Rafa is a power engineer who, attracted by the nomadic and freedom-rich lifestyle of remote work, left the likes of ABB and GE and turned to become a seller on Amazon and internet marketing expert. Rafa is now an online entrepreneur and consultant with more than 8 years of experience managing accounts in different marketplaces in the 6-7 figures realm. Outside of the work schedule, he loves working out, being in nature and discovering new places off the beaten track around the globe with his loved ones. He hosts his own podcast about ecommerce, and specifically Amazon, in Spanish, looking to teach and inspire others about different ways of making a living while having fun in life.



With over eight years of experience in e-commerce, Dogukan has managed more than $50 million in brands and played a pivotal role in several clients achieving seven-figure brand exits. His leadership prowess was honed during three years as a supervisor across various departments, and he’s known for introducing innovative services, operations, and systems that consistently boost company revenues. An accomplished entrepreneur in the e-commerce arena, Dogukan also manages his own successful brand. Beyond business, he enjoys soccer, football, and culinary pursuits during his leisure time. His vast experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative approach make him an invaluable asset to any e-commerce venture.